Illustrated Music, Tattoo and Tea inspired stuff. Before it was mainstream.


Emilythepemily is a one woman show and an independent British online shop owned and run by Illustrator Emily Boyd. This is the original, cutting edge stuff, that has always been available to you way before its butchering by lazy designers, who then dumbed her designs down and then claimed them as their own. 

Her quirky, satirical subjects are inspired her love of tea drinking, the Royal Family, 70 rock and roll, Britishness and general day-to-day observations. In 2010, after working for idiots in the fashion world, she grew tired of the usual dross out there in the marketplace. Emily decided to draw what she wanted for a change, and started to create and wear hand printed t-shirts that celebrated British culture, and honour the bands she listened to as a child. Her aim was to make a change from the mass produced rubbish now filling the high streets. It was only when people asked where she got them from that she decided to sell them to friends, family and eventually to shops and customers around the world. 

Since Emily’s now a millionaire* she has decided to do something worthwhile that could make a difference to the children of the world. So now she also teaches Art and Photography to 11-18 year olds in her home town. The aim of which is to introduce them to a world outside of their normality and to the amazing realms of the art world. She has introduced them to artists they have never heard of, and to illustrators (who follow back) on Instagram. Basically she’s showing them the real art world that she loves and respects. 

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I'm shit at replying. 
Yes I am writing this in the third person.
*measurements not in currency.

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